ana!: yo dudo o tengo la certeza estadistica... sin acentos de que alguien vea/lea esta pagina... so... if you’d like to write something for me! in order to better (understand) explain this beautiful and decaying creatures... by creatures i mean your drawings, which seem to haunt/crawl my past/present and future visions... please do... as a means of virtual conversation/interview attempt... the following text explains how i’m reinterpreting your drawings using my disfuncional eyes and brain, (ab)using a pc... (un)luckilky i cant excercise my body... but ill attempt to draw/model a piece of yours since i feel so inspired by your every single dot.../////// text break///////

an utopic tower created from a series of interviews that will attempt to generate a virtual union of artists studios/workspaces... an ever growing project ...a  perpetually ascending gesture... captured with a spherical camera, stitched virtually and three dimensionally printed... no spatial hierarchies or structural concerns, just virtual piling... through this series of interviews i would like to evidence the link between the artist space and its creations... i suspect there is an tight link between the things that we choose to surround our immediate environment and what we intend to express...

the following images are not a guideline, but a vision…. a tower composed of dissonant vectors, at this stage colourless and random…. but eventually and as it grows, its walls, made out of thin meshes extracted from point clouds will be thickened and coloured by the images that defined their shapes in space….

the tower will reveal unexpected geometries, undiscovered niches... 


exploring the scanned space...the following two videos…. depict my house/studio… in the virtual environment… the boundary walls seem to disappear from the side views…. the roof is exploded, discarded from the model so the viewer gains a dollhouse like view…. a three dimensional model emerges from a series of images….

once the information is compiled it can be modified in any possible way…. the meshes could be then unified by a single image, in an attempt to restrict personal motivations or confer the idea of an unison movement… the object could be sectioned, twisted, cut, exploded…. the main intention is to reach out, explore, share space in different dimensions, incorporating technology…. attempting to absorb the space, from its inherited color and sounds, shapes and shadows…. all the metrage that is intangible, i can measure in three axis, but what happens to the escence, the emotions attached to a place… ㎥

this is a building that for many years was abandoned in sydney's CBD, situated in clarence street… is an example of possible variations, that the utopic tower could be exposed to in order to understand and or examine space from a different perspective.

delta veterinary hospial (mexico df) 
the entire project was designed and developed in collaboration with architect andros diaz cruz an old friend and awesome team mate…. architecture, concept, lightning design, carpentries and graphic design!
for more information please refer to VORM & DELTA

....(hopefully) a compilation of text communications between ///friend+inspiration+architects (rodrigo diaz + norberto miranda) and me

the house of the myscelium.... a tridimensional object of inhabitation that mimics more the underground/ undermined habits of the fungi... more related to decay and death than life under the capitalistic sphere (read living)... a constant reborn... the emergence of the immiment...an object that demands inactivity to exist... to swell (flower or emerge)... what if 'the room of one's own' only exists in the afterlife/alterlife .... the space where nightmare/dream inhabit... the tumor only exists to guard my sleep...i only inhabit the tumor when i need to rest... comfort is only praised when i can no longer stand... i lay ...not lie... (down)... an osified structure supports life... death, holds the weight of life...

a joint that has undergone artificial/controlled processes to achieve fruition... in order to sustain peso muerto... and death is not, since it holds life... a growing medium robust enough to nourish organic life... which in the [{(not)near} future] could nourish you/me... calculated restraint ... porpousfully placed to be consumed by a system bigger than itself.... (the individual).... engulfing forces of symbiosis... assimilation & imposition.... and all the way around... symbolism and reconfiguration, mental and spatial... existing here, devised elsewhere and commonly (mis)understood... x number of heads, stating different opinions bound by a fine thread of ignoring each other... a moment of consolidation whithout physical interaction... an age that makes impossibility feasible... and ... if reality materializes can you inhabit it? Is it mine or yours?... does it have the ability to render property meaningless? can the tumors multiply?... does the fungi extend?... does death achieve it's character of life giver?... and life its meaning through death?... and in amongst the nonsensical, life changes...

and my activities extend to meandering the forest and finding meaning in the assimilation rather than extending in the realm of fake growth... my career and bank account become stagnant and full of bacteria finding life in the putrid new world, where life evolves without it... come play... play where an idea that offers nothing but proximity to the song of birds and cluttering of the leaves, where rain not only clashes on the roof but sieves through the soil to hit the real mycelium, not it's future dreamlike analogy... the unknown/unexplored and uncomprehended... a series of dots (neurotransmitters) attempting to find synapses in an orchestra of {dis(ordered)} "chaos"... this is an invitation... and a text written just after we hang up... thanks for sharing your time, electronic cigarette and distant interaction

...discalimer... this object must be conceived as dwelling that doesn't abide to the average regulatory standards of a "normal dwelling" because more important than the activities is conceived to house is the argument it implies...in order to become a conversational strategy to help reevaluate parameters of "desirable" living mechanisms...
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