sydney 12/07/17
@220 creative space
thanks vicente schmitt for the video and pictures!

refashioning venus’s head and arms was just the beginning

scattered pieces of my heart

is a cross between waste and emotions. it arises from my encounter with architectural waste working as a “joiner”; settles, as i gather waste and concludes when matter is transformed into emotions...

the forms scattered into space resemble sinuous, sensual curves cut at their base by the disruptive and imminent encounter with the surface that holds them. each piece represents a ventricle, an essential part of an evolving system that transformed becomes inert in time and space... the main intention is to face waste and transformation at the same level, by-products as central figures of inspiration, and transformed matter as the reflection of my emotions.

and so with these text and images i aim to reveal my project to whoever might be able to give me access to waste, any help will be appropriately acknowledged.

*the size of the pieces will be constrained by the material found and the space available in the time of the exhibition.

*all images have been modified to suit the projects idea.


© daniellopezlomeli