an utopic tower created from a series of interviews that will attempt to generate a virtual union of artists studios/workspaces... an ever growing project ...a  perpetually ascending gesture... captured with a spherical camera, stitched virtually and three dimensionally printed... no spatial hierarchies or structural concerns, just virtual piling... through this series of interviews i would like to evidence the link between the artist space and its creations... i suspect there is an tight link between the things that we choose to surround our immediate environment and what we intend to express...

the following images are not a guideline, but a vision…. a tower composed of dissonant vectors, at this stage colourless and random…. but eventually and as it grows, its walls, made out of thin meshes extracted from point clouds will be thickened and coloured by the images that defined their shapes in space….

the tower will reveal unexpected geometries, undiscovered niches... 


exploring the scanned space...the following two videos…. depict my house/studio… in the virtual environment… the boundary walls seem to disappear from the side views…. the roof is exploded, discarded from the model so the viewer gains a dollhouse like view…. a three dimensional model emerges from a series of images….

once the information is compiled it can be modified in any possible way…. the meshes could be then unified by a single image, in an attempt to restrict personal motivations or confer the idea of an unison movement… the object could be sectioned, twisted, cut, exploded…. the main intention is to reach out, explore, share space in different dimensions, incorporating technology…. attempting to absorb the space, from its inherited color and sounds, shapes and shadows…. all the metrage that is intangible, i can measure in three axis, but what happens to the escence, the emotions attached to a place… ㎥

this is a building that for many years was abandoned in sydney's CBD, situated in clarence street… is an example of possible variations, that the utopic tower could be exposed to in order to understand and or examine space from a different perspective.

© daniellopezlomeli