is the product of an energy exchange, as the “permanent”marker hits layers of pine an intention is embedded... it represents a moment of rest awaiting to be transformed through the eyes of the viewer, an individual, a group of individuals, one, three, five... a pulse of static {&[vs]} dynamic forces… opposition in armony, dialogue, confluence and peaceful struggle… these drawings represent a moment of introspection... the effort and conflict implicit in dealing with oneself… the holy trinity of past, present and future…is it the unbearing past advising me on the left, or the wise visions of my future on the right?...have i ever stood on the middle? or i’m i walking past… static future… does this moment exist as an encounter of an instant i grasped a fraction ago, or does it belong to the time stretching across my life?... now as moment of conclusion, conclusion and departure point… sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes both, sexuality in struggle, sexuality idealized…. black foreground, over a complex natural and subtle background…. dots as map, boundary, shade, sometimes clustered in together as nebulas… or individually, represented as a lonely star far away from the others only joint by intention, culture, understanding, joy and admiration...

© daniellopezlomeli, sydney 2018